How To Tackle The 3 Most Common Cellphone Problems

People’s lives have changed because of cell phones. No one has to sit around and wait for phone calls anymore, because you can keep your phone next to you all of the time. Cell phones let people stay close to their families and parents can easily stay in touch with their children.

There are many benefits to having a cell phone, but cell phones inevitable have problems. Whether it is software based or hardware based you will need to decide to fix them yourself, get help from a cell phone repair professional, or replace it altogether.  Either way, tt is important to be aware of the three cellphone issues so you can always have access to your phone to make calls and get online.

Problem Number 1: Scratched Screen

Scratched screens can make using a cell phone challenging.

What Are You Going To Do About It?

You can easily prevent a scratched screen by buying a cover. If you have cell phone insurance, you can get a replacement screen. Some wireless plans will provide a buffing service for a scratched screen. You might also be able to buff away the scratch with a do-it-yourself kit.

Once you have repaired your screen or you have not ever scratched the screen, work to keep it scratch-free and easy to use.

Problem Number 2: You Dropped Your Phone in the Water

If you have dropped your phone in water, you know that it will make your cell phone stop working. The best way to prevent dropping your phone in a pool, toilet, or sink is to keep your phone away from water in the first place. When the phone gets wet, the parts inside of the phone will corrode

What’s the Solution?

If you do get your phone wet, the steps you take are vital to the continued use of your phone. First, you should take out the battery and anything else that detaches from the phone. Let them dry out. Many people wrap their phones in a plush towel or put them in bowls of rice. Then, do not turn on the phone until you are certain that the parts are dry. Avoid using a blow dryer because the air pressure will push the water into the nooks and crannies inside of your phone.

Problem Number 3: My Phone Won’t Turn On!

When your phone will not turn on, there is a series of things you should try. The first step is to try to restart your phone by holding down the “off” or “on” buttons. This will make many phones turn back on, because they simply needed to be reset.

If that first step does not work, you might to recharger you battery, since they actually do wear out over time. To test out the battery, plug in your phone to see if it works with electricity. You might just need to recharge the battery

If it will not charge, then you probably need a new battery. It is much less expensive to replace a battery than the entire phone and you can usually find a new battery at a cell phone shop.

Something else to consider is the age of your cell phone. Cell phones do wear out over time, especially if you have a cell phone that still has an antenna!

These are the three common problems that almost everyone will deal with if they have a cell phone at some point in their lives.


Mobile Apps That Don’t Suck

As a business owner, I always use my mobile phone to stay organized and stay in contact with employees and clients. This is especially helpful when I have to travel to other states and even countries for business purposes. I am not always able to get near the computer, so I appreciate the flexibility the mobile phone has to help me run my business smoothly. You can find apps for every type of business operation and here are 5 of my favorite apps.


One app I like is Expensify. I like this app because as a business traveler it is easy to track and manage my travel expenses. This app lets me scan and upload travel receipts, and I am able to file my receipts by the city I visited and then send it to my boss by e-mail through the phone. I no longer have to spend hours preparing long expense sheets in the office because Expensify does much of the dirty work.


I always like to come up with ideas quickly that I could write down and thanks to Evernote, I am able to do this. Evernote allows me to develop text, audio and video notes on the phone and I can share this with my perky general manager at the station when I am out and about. I call it mobile brainstorming.


CRM’s are a beast in and of themselves.  Being data heavy, I could never find a solution that suited me well for my mobile needs.  Until I found CRM mobile.  This company came up with an amazing mobile application that allows rockstar sales people and teams to streamline their critical business functions both powerfully and easily.

Chase Mobile

I live a good seven to ten miles from the nearest Chase bank in my neighborhood so I was happy when Chase came up with Chase Mobile. This app offers the ability to check what is in the account, pay bills using the phone, and scan checks into your account. This app is easy to use and even when the bank is closed, I can still access bank information.

The best thing about is that I get to track and manage my personal finances during the week. This comes with a widget that gives you a review of your current finances, and you are also able to look at the monthly budget to make sure your spending is within this budget. Before I head to the record store I look at this app to see if I can afford the music. In addition, this app lets me know which upcoming bills need to be paid.


I had a friend who was a freelancer who told me about Clockin a few weeks ago and I found it to be helpful. For example, this app lets you put in the number of hours you worked during the week. This makes it easy for me to send invoices and there is less stress.

These business apps are some of the best because they provide ways for business owners and employees to stay organized and connected with others within the company. The apps also reduce the amount of paperwork you complete and time spent in the office.


Facebook Getting A Mobile Facelift

Facebook is primarily known for its’ wildly popular social media website where business owners and everyday people utilize this website for business promotions, event promotions and as a way to meet new friends. But now Facebook is getting a new upgrade in the form of apps for the mobile phone. People who recently invested in Facebook are hoping that Facebook’s transition into the mobile phone world will improve the stock that did not perform well sometime after the social networking website went public earlier this year. The company is going to start with mobile apps for the iPhone and iPad then proceed to create apps for other advices.

Developing A Mobile Transformation From The Inside Out

It appears that Facebook is preparing its’ employees for the transition into the mobile world with proper training. The company executives currently train low-level employees how to program the apps for Apple and Android phones. In addition, 100 engineers are working on this project. This shows that Facebook cares a lot about upgrading its’ image through apps on mobile devices.

Facebook Advertising and Mobile Apps

Mobile industry experts say that Facebook stands to earn a significant amount of money from the ads that will appear on the mobile versions of these apps because this could mean that more people may purchase products that are featured on the Facebook ads. However, there is a disadvantage as mobile phone users are usually not fans of heavy advertising on the phones. In addition, Facebook stated that lack of video and audio technology to improve their ads also makes them less attractive to mobile users.

Facebook Continues Plans To Earn Revenue Through Mobile Phones

Facebook also wants to create an App Center for its’ website, where Facebook visitors can look for Apple and Android apps. This may be a good strategy for Facebook because it may attract app developers who want to promote their services on Facebook, leading to increased revenue.

Facebook Getting Its’ Own Line Of Mobile Phones?

Currently Facebook is working with Apple to have Apple’s phones include built-in Facebook apps on them but there have been rumors that Facebook could decide to create their own line of mobile phones. Facebook executives do not plan to do this anytime soon but they mentioned that it could boost mobile revenue and image.

Facebook has been making waves over the past few years as the premier social media network and it changed the way businesses and individuals connect with each other. Now that mobile phones are nearly surpassing PCs as the main medium of communication, Facebook realizes that it needs to stay relevant by entering the mobile phone market. They are currently taking the necessary steps to do this by helping employees understand the latest mobile phone technology. They are also working with leading mobole phone companies to include their apps on the phones. Facebook is an example of how social media websites should consider mobile phones as the next strategy for marketing themselves.

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